The B2B data is basically business to the business database. Its a list of companies along with the key people i.e decision-makers working in those companies.

This list also includes verified work email addresses and the direct contact numbers of the key contacts in the organisation.
Sales, marketing, business development, recruiters and even founders use B2B data to reach out to other business and pitch their services/products to them.
Let’s say you want to reach out to companies who are automobile companies and in those companies, you want to reach out to the purchase managers. This is where B2B database providers come in your rescue.
Our contact fields for B2B data contains:

 Company Name, Website, Mailing Address, State, City, Zip Code, Contact Name, Job Title, Email Address, Phone number, Industry and many more.
Our contact fields for B2C data contains:
 Contact Name, Age, Gender, Email Address, Phone number, Geographic Location, Interests and many more.