Learn to work at home/ make how to make $300 sitting at home

I'm gonna show you how it's possible to make three hundred dollars per month online easily and you guys can start seeing the cash flow. The first thing you're going to want to do is go to this website called prize rebel.

Prize rebel is going to reward you and give you points for little these little tasks that you do so they have surveys you can watch videos you can do like special offers and that sort of thing and it's really cool and the payout system is actually really nice you can get paid out through gift cards, Amazon, PayPal alright I'll go over all I'll go over all that in just a moment.

Following are the steps on how you can start working on prizerebel and make money sitting at home:


1. Visit prizerebel.com from your computer.

2. The first thing is click earn and check out the surveys okay right we're here right here where it says on the dashboard where it says your surveys click on your surveys and it's going to have there's gonna be a little questionnaire for you when you first do this and the questionnaire is just to kind of just so they can learn a little bit more about you that way they can provide surveys to you that best fit your criteria like your age and you know if you're male or female and that sort of thing.


I've already done the little questionnaire so I'm going to click on surveys and these are the surveys that it the system thinks that are best fit for me okay and these are updated all the time I just came on here this morning.

3. Now there's new surveys so now the way the point system works so let's say there's a survey here that's only going to take around 12 minutes to do and they are gonna pay me 210 points so the way the point system works is, if it says you know ten points that's ten cents and if it says fifty points that's fifty cents so you just kind of have to create a little decimal there in the number in this case if it's two hundred and ten points that's two dollars and ten cents so okay so just wanted to put that out there here's one right here thirty-six minutes it's gonna pay me out two hundred fourteen dollars.

You can get up to $10 a day pretty easily pretty fast and there's new surveys all the time. I mean $10 a day that's three hundred dollars a month. So, there you go and pick the survey that you want to do and I'll click much for this one. You will find ads. After you watch three ads and then there's a little video after the ad and then the ads are going to start loading, they're going to start playing. So, you can watch these and gonna say rewards and it's gonna get like at the moment it says 0 points but as soon as this ad over.

Make $300 sitting at home or any comfort zone:

I have seen some guy have like four phones and he has all the videos running at the same time you guys do whatever you want but you can make money sitting back watching videos. If you guys want to see your total earnings for the day or your history just come over to your profile over on your account a little drop down here and click on my earnings history and then right here it's going to tell you a send media videos offer points earned 0.55 profile survey completion 10 points. Even for filling out the questionnaire they're gonna give you ten points when you first get started.

You can cash your points out any way you wish you know whatever fits you know your lifestyle what you do if you drink coffee you like to go to Whole Foods, you like to shop at Amazon or you just want the money in your PayPal account.

Let me know the country you live and I will bring new content on how you can learn and start working at your comfort zone.

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